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Danielle Morabito

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 
Expected Date of Completion: 2025
B.A., Psychology & Criminology
University of Miami, Miami, FL, 2015


Danielle graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Criminology. Upon graduation, she worked for three years as a full-time project coordinator at the National Center for PTSD within Palo Alto VA Healthcare System. During that time, Danielle managed a randomized clinical trial examining the impact of sleep problems on cannabis use and a multi-site treatment implementation project for rural women veterans with PTSD.  Danielle's research interests include risk factors for the development of anxiety and trauma-related psychopathology, the impact of trauma on psychosocial functioning, and development of technology-based interventions for prevention and treatment.


Morabito, D.M., Bedford, C.E., Woller, S., & Schmidt, N.B. (2021). Vulnerability to COVID-19 related disability: The impact of posttraumatic stress symptoms on psychosocial impairment during the pandemic. Journal of Traumatic Stress.


Morabito, D.M., Mathes, B.M., & Schmidt N.B. (2020). The impact of two brief web-based psychological interventions on functional outcomes. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 44, 1068-1076.


Morabito, D.M., Boffa, J.W., Bedford, C.E., Chen, J.P., & Schmidt, N.B. (2020) Hyperarousal symptoms and perceived burdensomeness interact to predict suicidal ideation among trauma-exposed individuals. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 130, 218-223.


Short N.A., Morabito D.M., & Gilmore A.K. (2020). Secondary prevention for posttraumatic stress and related symptoms among women who experienced recent sexual assault: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Depression and Anxiety, 37, 1047-1059.


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