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An important facet of ABHC is to mentor undergraduate students so that they can better understand clinical psychology research and practice. A directed individual study position with the ABHC is designed to provide direct one-on-one mentoring regarding graduate school training and professional development.

Undergraduate students are paired with a doctoral level student and work with that doctoral student under the supervision of Dr. Schmidt.

Many undergraduate research assistants have successfully published their scholarly contributions with our laboratory, presented their research at psychological conferences, and have received research training grants. Importantly, students who work in our laboratory have been successful in ultimately pursuing advanced training in graduate school.


Responsibilities often include attending individual and group training meetings, attaining a formal introduction and training in the ethical conduct of research, and working with various aspects of the research process. 

Duties within the lab may include:

  • Protocol development

  • Learning how to utilize data entry and analytic software, such as SPSS

  • Being trained as an experimenter or confederate in psychological experiments

  • Learning about the overall process of clinical research from study conception to execution

  • If interested, learning about electroencephalography (EEG) research


Students must apply to work with the ABHC. These positions can be quite competitive and only mature, reliable, and hardworking persons should consider applying. Requirements include a 3.5 GPA or higher and a specific interest in pursuing graduate education in clinical psychology or related fields. We typically ask DIS for a commitment of two consecutive semesters, with preference given to students who can commit more semesters. It is advisable to submit your application one semester before the desired start date.


If you are interested in applying, please contact ABHC graduate student Miracle Potter by e-mail ( Please specify if you are interested in working with neurophysiological research (electroencephalography or EEG).

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